Unicorn Madness

April 4th marked the start of this years foaling season here at the centre with the arrival of Bolt. The lovable skew’s picture appeared in The Times, stood level with the spring daffodils, much to our delight. Some few visitors were lucky enough to be privy to his first run with grass beneath his hooves, an utterly adorable spectacle. He was born on April 1st to Viola and is in the paddock every day welcoming visitors.

We had 3 other foals this year, so although we’ve fallen short of the predicted 10 there are still plenty of fresh faces in the herd. Black Panther was our second colt born on 8th April to the mare Swift, and although falling short of the stardom of Bolt he’s very much a character in the herd and very cute.
The final 2 comprise a filly born 2nd of May and a colt on the 6th, born to Maple and Dream respectively. Both black and yet to be named they are trotting with the herd for all to see and shall be named soon! All the new additions really are must-sees at the centre and should be out in the paddock all season.
You may be lucky enough to see some of the foals at events and shows around the area this summer so keep your eyes peeled for their cherished faces. If you visit us make sure to step into the front paddock and say hello!

Excitement is growing for our Unicorn day, as the home of Dartmoor’s unicorn we are hosting all things unicorn on Wednesday 8th August. We have had many visitors who adore White Lightning and come here specially to see him, and it certainly isn’t just kids! He holds a dear place in many hearts of those who come through his stable and this is a chance to visit him too and see him shining bright yourself!

Fancy a picture with our unicorn? There will be 3 photo opportunities to strike a pose with White Lightning. Along with a unicorn demo in the arena and unicorn themed treats in the café.
The Unibrights will be having tons of fun getting artsy and crafty (unicorn themed of course) throughout the day. Visit them and make something special to take home with you and remember White Lightning with.

Have I mentioned unicorns enough yet? If not, then pop along on Wednesday 8th August for a day of unicorn celebration here at The Miniature Pony Centre!