Highs and Lows during foaling season

It has been a really busy few weeks at the centre since Easter. Our expectant mares took their time with giving birth but everyone is now here. Miranda the donkey was the last to give birth to a gorgeous little girl, Teasel. Sadly, Teasel passed away at the beginning of July. It was very sudden and unexpected. All of the staff are putting every effort into making sure Miranda will be happy and healthy after her tragic loss.

Our wonderful herd we have; Juniper, Briar, Nettle, Aspen, Rowan and Elder. We forget every year how cute the foals are but this year this lot are very striking and beautiful.

Our herd is currently a little light in numbers as next year’s breeding mares have gone to visit ‘the boys’. We have sent Viola, Dream and Maple to stud with Admiral. Beatrice, Avon and Pipit have gone to our new lad Morse, and Swift is seeing Harpo. Harpo is our Falabella stallion. Hopefully, all the girls will take and we will more foals next year.

As well as foaling we have had some issues with feet. Harris, one of our big boys, got a nasty abscess in his hoof. Luckily, our wonderful vets The Horse Doctor was on hand and after some box rest, poultices and the abscess being removed Harris is now back on all four feet. He is a large lump to watch hobbling around on 3 feet! We can’t thank our vets for their amazing service to us. We have a lot of equines and the care the vets give them is exceptional. Thank you to Andrew and Anita.

The open day was a huge success! We had record breaking numbers through the doors. We would like to thank every member of staff and all the volunteers we had on site for this day. Without we could not have done this. Saturday 17th was incredibly hot and there was a lot of queues but everyone had a lovely time. One of our ponies, Rosemary had great fun joining in with the customers picnics.

Now we will be running as usual but turning our attentions to the summer holidays and our showing season. We are heading to: Totnes show, Honiton Show, Okehampton Show and Chagford show. We will be taking our ponies on tour trade stand as well entering a few Miniature Shetland classes. We will keep you updated on our success, hopefully!

Finally, we would like to thank you all for coming to visit us so far this season. We had a great Easter holiday and a very good May half term. We love getting your feedback and enjoy watching everyone fall in love with all of our animals here. The staff, managers and owners of the centre all care for the centre and the animals so much so when we get customers who love it back it makes it all worth it!

Love, the Miniature Pony Centre Team x