Easter success

After a fantastic Easter holidays the pony centre is enjoying a few quieter days to regroup. The centre has been open for just over a month now and all the new staff are settling in well. We had our first foal of the season on Easter Sunday, she is a beautiful black filly. Her mum is one of our most experienced mares and is going now into retirement from breeding. Sapphire is one of our American Miniature Horses and will continue to run as part of the herd. Over the last week we have also had 2 more foals and both are stunning girls. When they are first born they look like cuddly toys!

We are now making plans for May Half Term to include our fancy dress theme of Knights & Princesses as well our annual letterboxing challenge. Not long after May half term we will be turning our attention to our Open Day on Saturday 17th June. This is a free entry day for all. We are looking for some extra help on this day so if you would like to volunteer on the day please do get in touch.

Once the cold snap has passed all of our ponies will be getting a spring time bath so they all look lovely just in time for the summer holidays.

For more information on the events or the newest arrivals at the centre please see our website or Facebook page.