Dartmoor is a beautiful place to live, visit and enjoy in the heart of Devon!

Situated in the heart of Devon, Dartmoor National Park is an ancient landscape with breathtaking views, challenging Tors and miles of rugged countryside for everyone to enjoy.

A perfect place for a family holiday or a romantic getaway for two. You’ll never tire of exploring it’s picturesque landscapes, charming villages and wonderful wildlife, such as the beautiful Dartmoor pony. Here you can find some more information about things to do, where to eat, where to stay, activities and much, much more.

A Snowy Scene at Widecombe in the Moor

Places to Stay

There is an abundance of accommodation to choose from to make your stay magical. From quaint B&Bs and historic pubs to 5* hotels and glamping, there are lots of options to suit you. Find our list of hotels, pubs and camping holidays on our blog post ‘where to stay on Dartmoor’. Looking for something a bit more quirky? Read our ‘unique places to stay on Dartmoor’ blog for ideas.  

places to stay on dartmoor - langstone manor holiday park
Langstone Manor Holiday Park, near Tavistock

What to See

Although the moor may seems a long way a way from the hustle and bustle of city life, it doesn’t mean there is not plenty to see and do. You will find there are lots of events to enjoy whilst on your stay. From food festivals and carnivals to music nights and fun days out. You will be charmed by the beautiful tors, historical castles and fun attractions (like the Miniature Pony Centre!). Read our ‘Top 10 Things to do on Dartmoor’ article to get inspired.

Food and Drink

There are so many wonderful places to eat in this beautiful part of the world. Devon is renowned for delicious pasties and cream teas. But that’s not all that’s on offer. Read this fantastic Guide to delicious food and drink on Dartmoor.  Visiting us? Our lovely Paddock View Café has a wonderful offering of tasty lunches, devilish sweet treats and refreshing beverages – we also offer proper Devonshire cream teas!  

Things to do on Dartmoor - eat delicious food!
Tea and Cake on Dartmoor

Get Active 

Dartmoor is the perfect location for getting outdoors and adding something different to your visit. Here you can try horse riding, walking, guided walks, cycling or perhaps E-cycling is your thing. You will certainly feel refreshed after a day out on the moors. Find out more about Fitness on Dartmoor. You can tailor you whole holiday around keeping active.

Things to do on Dartmoor - walking routes
Wistman Woods – Walking Path on Dartmoor

Accessible Dartmoor 

Although there may be a lot of rugged terrain that might appear inaccessible to some, there are plenty of enjoyable activities and opportunities for those who need wheelchair use. Our friends over at Visit Dartmoor have a fantastic page dedicated to access on Dartmoor and are working hard to make the area as accessible as possible for all. Our large farmyard is accessible for wheelchair users, but if you have any concerns or queries, please contact us with your questions about access.

Wildlife on the Moors

While driving across the moor, you will probably notice flocks of sheep, herds of different breeds of cow and beautiful horses all trundling along! These amazing animals live on Dartmoor and graze on the grass – but don’t worry, there are people to take good care of them. You may have to be a little patient at times, as they like to graze alongside the roads and may take a second to move out of the way for you. It certainly is a spectacular sight to see! If you’re interested in visiting animals, there are plenty of attractions where you can visit all kinds of furry friends (including in the open expanse of Dartmoor National Park of course). Find out more aboutWildlife and Animals on Dartmoor here, and why not read our ‘Fun Facts about Miniature Ponies’ blog.

Things to do - see the wild animals
Highland Cows

More Information

Head over to our blog to find useful and interesting articles all about Dartmoor! Find our fantastic ‘Guide to Dartmoor’, information on ‘Litter on Dartmoor’ and also ‘10 things you didn’t know about Dartmoor’. This lovely place is steeped in history, as well as Myths and Legends that have been told for centuries! We like to keep you up to date on this beautiful place we call home, as well as give you news on what we’re up to, so keep an eye out for new posts on our blog!

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