Pony rides

Perfect pony rides for young children or first time riders:

Do you want your child or children to experience their first pony ride? Or perhaps they have had a little taste of it somewhere else? Our pony rides are perfect for first time riders and younger children. Our friendly and experienced staff are great at leading these rides and make sure the children have a great time.

What does a pony ride consist of?

Our pony rides are 1 lap of our sand school. During this time the child will be lead around the arena by a competent member of staff and each rider will receive a rosette. These rides are perfect for younger child and / or first time riders. They are a lead rein pony ride and not a hack across Dartmoor. We do not offer a hacking service.

Can my child choose which pony he/she rides?

Unfortunately, we cannot allow children to choose which pony they ride. This is for a number of reasons. In our busy periods we have a large number of children waiting to ride on of our ponies. The staff member in charge of the session will choose the pony based on the size of the child. This is done for the welfare of our ponies and to get through the queue as quickly as we can for our customers.

Can I lead my child around on the pony?

Our pony ride session are lead by our members of staff and no parents are allowed to go around with the children. This is a strict rule of our insurance but also it is a lot safer for the children, parents and ponies. Our staff are well trained to handle the ponies, they know their behaviours and what to do if something goes wrong. Our staff are also very good with children, so please don’t fret your children are in good hands.

How much is a pony ride and where do I get the pony ride ticket from?

Pony rides are £2.00 per ticket and are available from the front shop. Please note you will need a ticket to give to the staff member at pony rides in order to get your pony ride. We suggest purchasing your pony ride ticket on the door when you pay to come in. If for whatever reason your child does not ride, then you can get a refund on the ticket.

Can we ride the ponies in the front paddock?

Our miniature Shetlands are not suitable for rides as they haven’t been trained and they are too small to ride. They may also be too young and their bones have not developed, to old or they may have a slight ailment which means that they should not be ridden. Please do not attempt to put your child onto one of these ponies at any point. If a pony is frightened or hurt then they will kick or bite, we would hate for our ponies or our customers to be hurt. Our miniature Shetlands are there to be cuddled and snugged but not to ride.

What time is pony rides and how many sessions are there?

There are two pony rides session one in the morning and one in the afternoon. During busy times there can be quite the queue. Please bear with us as we get through the rides as efficiently as we can.

My child has a ticket but doesn’t want to ride what will happen?

If your child doesn’t want to ride then we will not force them too. Sometimes when the ponies start walking off some children have a complete meltdown at this point we would stop the ride. This wouldn’t be a pleasant experience for the child, parent, pony or member of staff. Please note, you are not permitted to enter the arena or to walk round with your child.
Tickets can be refunded in the shop if your child does not ride.

Can my child ride more than once?

Of course they can. Some children just love pony rides and it may be the start of a very long and expensive hobby for them. Please purchase more tickets from the shop. During busy times we are unable to allow the children to go round several times in succession. This is due to the large volumes of rides we must give. If you wanted your child to ride again we would ask that you re-join the queue. We must operate a fair system, and this is the only way.

Where can I take photographs?

We have a photograph point on the top side of the arena. It’s a great location for pictures and our ponies and staff members will stop to allow this to happen. There is no entry into the arena for pictures at any point.

My child has a disability, can I go around with him / her?

Unfortunately, parents are not permitted to go around with the children at pony rides but if your child has a disability and you are even slightly concerned please mention this to the staff member leading the activity. At the point, a second member of staff will go around with your child and make sure there is no problems. We have had several appraisals on well we manage these situations and all the parents have been extremely happy with this system.

Can my child wear their own hat?

Yes they can, but they are then not covered by our insurance. Our hats are inspected and passed every year by the local authority.

Can my child ride off the lead rein?

Our pony rides are lead rein only. The ponies are not wearing bridles and have no reins.

If you have any concerns or questions about pony rides please speak to a member of staff in a blue t-shirt or hoodie or ask to speak to a manager. Our pony rides have been designed to give a safe environment for young children to ride.

Our main team of riding ponies are: Tigerlily Chip, Gabriel, Ollie, Belle, Kale, Max and Paddy.

Health & Safety Notice

Pony rides Devon - A young child riding a pony All children must wear a helmet, which our staff will provide, for the duration of the pony ride. The helmets must fit firmly and without significant movement on the child’s head. The smallest riding safety helmet available is size “000”, if a child’s head is too small for this helmet, whatever the age of the child, we regret that the child cannot ride a pony.