Pony rides

Perfect pony rides for young children or first time riders:

Pony rides are ideal for first time riders. Come and ride one of our experienced riding ponies.

We offer pony rides to children aged 3-10 years old. Our rides are supervised by our knowledgeable and helpful staff. At the end of your ride, you will receive a rosette.

There is an additional cost for pony rides- £2.00 each. Each ride is 1 circuit of the riding arena. How many times will you go round?

Our main team of riding ponies are: Tigerlily Chip, Gabriel, Ollie, Belle and Kale.

Health & Safety Notice

Pony rides Devon - A young child riding a pony All children must wear a helmet, which our staff will provide, for the duration of the pony ride. The helmets must fit firmly and without significant movement on the child’s head. The smallest riding safety helmet available is size “000”, if a child’s head is too small for this helmet, whatever the age of the child, we regret that the child cannot ride a pony.