Parkland walks and Gardens

Discover and enjoy our parkland walks and gardens with a wealth of wildlife throughout the Miniature Pony Centre.

Surrounded by rolling countryside and also within the boundary of Dartmoor National Park, the Centre is a haven for wildlife.

Parkland walks habitats

A combination of habitats including hedges, pasture, wetlands, ponds and trees all add to the wildlife interest. Take time to see our Willow Garden where you can delight in the peaceful and attractive surroundings. Observe the various insects and butterflies amongst the flowers and plants. If you are feeling more energetic then why not also enjoy the spectacular view from the top of the Stallion Paddock Walk.

If our own splendid nature is not enough, then why not visit our stick insects and giant millipedes in the weird and wonderful pets paddock!

parkland walks - a view through the trees across a pond