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Horses and Ponies

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 About the Stud Farm

The Keensacre and Bottriell studs are both run from the centre giving lots of opportunity to see a working stud farm with many different breeds. The traditional stable yard and covered barns at the centre provide easy access to meeting the tiny stallions, mares and foals, even in bad weather. Foals are born during spring and summer and if you are lucky you may be there!

The Pony Centre is also home to a mixture of other horse and pony breeds, including  Muffin the miniature mule, Budge the elegant thoroughbred, our heavy horses, and many other native breeds.

Pony Care Days

Do you know a pony-mad child aged 7 to 12, who does not have a pony of their own, why not book them in to one of our pony care days, the children will be taught basic pony care, including feeding, grooming, and mucking out, click here to find out more.                

Ponies and Foals for Sale

The Bottriell Stud was founded in 2003 and breeds a selection of pet and companion, miniatures, including ponies, donkeys, horses, spotted and part bred. We often have a selection available for sale.

The Shetland Pony stud was originally founded in 1970 by Mr and Mrs Dennis, and changed ownership in 1997. Mr and Mrs Dennis retained some of the ponies and the well-known prefix, Kerswell. The Shetland stud has since introduced the new prefix of Keensacre and breeds a small number of registered miniature Shetland ponies each year. Please contact click here to visit our stud pages.

Pony Rides

There are two pony ride sessions every day, weather permitting. The pony rides are lead rein rides, ideally suited to complete beginners, and are supervised by our knowledgeable and helpful staff, click here to find out more.

Horse Shows

We love our horses and ponies and we want you to love them too! every day we work with are ponies exercising and training them, we run a selection of different talks demonstrations and shows.

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